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Hello and welcome to a very special Pixel-League #362 featuring the menacing Pixel Riot Kayle.

If you did attend Gamescom like me, you have aquired a code to unlock Riot Kayle and the Riot Ward skin!


Yes, I have one extra code. How can you win? That’s easy: Reblog or like this posting until Gamescom ends on 17th of August (doing both doubles your chance!). It would be nice if you follow me, but you don’t have to in order to win this skin!

But: THIS SKIN IS FOR EU-PLAYERS ONLY, it can not be transferred to another server. So make sure you have an EU-account to unlock your skin and ward!

On sunday I will announce the winner and forward the code and page ( where one lucky person will be able to unlock his or her skin!

Good luck!!! May the liking and reblogging begin!!!

Friendly reminder: Take your chance and participate!


Hey summoners! 

We have officially breached the 1,000 mark! (°▽°)

Thank you so much for all of your support and patience! I’m super duper grateful for your support! While I’m still temporarily on hiatus, I hope that this giveaway will suffice as a token of my gratitude to all you wonderful people, especially to the warm and welcoming LoL community here! m(_ _)m


  • Likes and reblogs both count as entries! Reblog as many times as you’d like. 
  • You must be following this blog. New followers are always welcome! 
  • Please do not reblog to a giveaway blog. 
  • Please have your ask open and respond within 48 hours if you have won the giveaway. 
  • If you have won and you would like an OC drawn, please provide a reference! I’m not very confident in drawing mecha/furries/extreme NSFW, sorry! The RP part of the prize is limited to NA, OCE, Latin Americas and EUW servers only.  
  • The handmade Poro-shaped thank you card is optional if you’re comfortable with sharing your address with me. 


  • First Place: A coloured waist-up drawing and a painted headshot of any character of your choice + any 1350RP champion skin of your choice + handmade Poro-shaped thank you card!
  • Second Place: A waist-up sketch and a headshot sketch of any character of your choice + handmade Poro-shaped thank you card! 
  • Third Place: A headshot sketch and a chibi doodle of any character of your choice + handmade Poro-shaped thank you card! 
Samples: x ] [ x ] — [ x ] (Note: The first two samples are from a long time ago and they’re monochromatic. I’ll be cleaning up and colouring the prize for the First Place winner, of course! /o/)

GIVEAWAY START: 16 June 2014 
GIVEAWAY END: 16 July 2014

Good luck everyone!

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