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OMG, free skin codes!


So, i got your attention. If you’ve been watching my tumblr you know that i’ve been in seattle for PAX Prime. You LoL fans probably know that the NA LCS regionals are going on here. I’ve been attending a few of the matches and found myself in posession of an extra set of skin codes!

The skins:
Riot kayle
Arcade miss fortune

I’ve decided to hold a raffle to give these skins (one of each) away so here are the rules:

1. You have to reblog this post.
2. You need to have your ask box turned on when i do the drawing or i’ll draw someone else.
3. You can only enter once.
4. You have to reblog BEFORE 5:00 pm CST on September 4, 2014 to be entered in the raffle.

These codes expire at 7 pm PST on September 5 so i want to stress that you need your ask box on when i do the drawing because that’s how i’ll be sending you the skin code.

TAKE NOTE: i will be doing separate drawings for the skins so if you only want to be entered for one skin specify that in the reblog, otherwise i’ll put you in for both.

I’ll announce the winners (hopefully) on a livestream, otherwise here on tumblr, at 7 pm CST on September 4, 2014. I’ll get the announcement venue info out to you all here on tumblr ASAP.

Contact me here if you have any questions:



Hello and welcome to a very special Pixel-League #362 featuring the menacing Pixel Riot Kayle.

If you did attend Gamescom like me, you have aquired a code to unlock Riot Kayle and the Riot Ward skin!


Yes, I have one extra code. How can you win? That’s easy: Reblog or like this posting until Gamescom ends on 17th of August (doing both doubles your chance!). It would be nice if you follow me, but you don’t have to in order to win this skin!

But: THIS SKIN IS FOR EU-PLAYERS ONLY, it can not be transferred to another server. So make sure you have an EU-account to unlock your skin and ward!

On sunday I will announce the winner and forward the code and page ( where one lucky person will be able to unlock his or her skin!

Good luck!!! May the liking and reblogging begin!!!

Friendly reminder: Take your chance and participate!

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